Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD)

Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) forms a key section of the Amended BEE Codes. It also represents one of the most effective ways to support job creation and transformation in South Africa.

Infinity Learning has developed an innovative, integrated model for entrepreneurial development and specifically supplier development.

We work with hundreds of entrepreneurs, providing them with essential training and skills to grow their businesses and through these relationships we are able to offer very powerful supplier development solutions.

Importance of Enterprise and Supplier Development

There is no question that entrepreneurial growth is a priority in South Africa. However, all too often we meet entrepreneurs and hear about entrepreneurial programmes that are struggling to achieve entrepreneurial growth.

Infinity Learning has developed a model based on a simulation programme used by Wharton Business School, The Wits Business School and GIBS. This model can be used either as a packaged solution, or as part of a customised solution that takes into account the circumstances of both your supply chain, and the unique needs of the entrepreneurs that will form part of the programme.

Because of our established model, we can ensure that your spend in this area registers immediately for the purposes of verification and is a low-hassle solution.

Model Framework

Research has proven that traditional forms of training often result in very low levels of retention and, in addition, often do not result in sustainable behavioural change, action and results. The Infinity Learning Enterprise Development model is based on a combination of experiential learning models, theoretical sessions, practical models, exercises and discussion forums that drive results and comprises of five distinct components:

  1. A two-day, internationally recognised business simulation model
  2. Tailored and generic workshops that focus on specific business needs, for example, the importance of marketing and sales
  3. Coaching and mentoring in smaller groups
  4. Alignment with supply chain needs and procurement opportunities
  5. Alignment with funding opportunities where strong growth opportunities are identified

Infinity Learning is able to work either in alignment with your supply chain, or as part of a public programme, that is, as a conduit for your ED funds.

“The course was an eye-opener in growing my business. I needed to understand the fundamentals of marketing so I can design a ‘sustainable’ strategy. I have long term goals which need on-going innovation and power understanding of these fundamentals. Thanks, Chris. I think even more after your sessions.“– Nthabeleng

“Brilliant programme that helps us to get to know how to deal with business and the crises that happen in the real business world and some of the things we will meet out there like cutting costs, managing sales, making things even etc. We have also learned to work as a team where we interact as partners to try and create a power tool in business. This programme has greatly shown how much communication skills count as well.“ – Lindiwe

“Challenging in a manner that it became an eye opener. It rouses hidden ways of making me see things in a different perspective. Over and above it made a difference in my business and showed me how to be strict on avoiding unnecessary costs. Well delivered!” – Kagiso

“It really helped me think about growing my business and showed me what I have not been doing. Exciting! Mind blowing!” – Teboho