BEE Consulting

How do I make sure my company gets the most out of BEE?
How do I make this process easier?
How do I avoid incurring unnecessary costs?
How do I ensure my money makes a difference?

These are some of the questions we are asked all the time. Thanks to our extensive experience in working with the BEE Codes, we can help you find the answers.

Infinity Learning offers innovative BEE solutions to assist our clients to maximise their BEE score, minimise cost and to leverage the efficacy and impact of the strategy implemented. Contact us to discuss your BEE strategy, to determine your needs and assess if there is an opportunity for us to help you to earn additional points and/or save money.

As part of our intention to help our clients save money, and achieve the best results possible, Infinity Learning offers most of our clients a zero-cost consulting solution.

Zero-cost Consulting

Infinity Learning offers a unique ‘zero-cost consulting’ model*, and we also provide a range of cost-reduction strategies.

Those companies that support our ED and SED programmes are offered free consultancy on understanding the BEE Codes, developing their overall BEE strategy, and advice on preparing for verification. As part of our services, we can also deliver presentations to senior and specialist staff to orient the on BEE and their roles in the process.

Although many of our clients already have BEE consultants in place, our services complement existing consultancies, with a specific focus on ED and SED solutions, and advice on increasing your points while saving money.

Infinity Learning has also established relationships with many accredited verification agencies, and can help you source a verification agency. If your company has specific issues, such as ownership, employment, labour relations, training, legislative compliance, tax, etc., we have a network of trusted specialist partners we can refer you to. All of these referrals are offered on a zero cost basis.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Minimum Hassle

Through systems, solutions and support, Infinity Learning takes the stress and hassle away from your staff. We understand that BEE can be a daunting and complex process, but we have successfully guided a range of companies through their strategy development and verification preparation, and can do the same for you.

We have a comprehensive set of documents, calculators and preparation lists available to guide you through the preparation for verification. We are also here for you to call us at any time, should you have questions or concerns.

Sustainable Solutions

We help our clients design and implement ED and SED programmes for sustainable and genuine transformation in South Africa.

BEE represents a real opportunity to make a difference, through empowering people and addressing key problems in society. Our ED programmes provide key skills, knowledge and tools, using internationally-recognised training programmes, and link them with sales opportunities. Our core focus is on results, to help entrepreneurs increase sales, reduce costs, and become more effective.

Our SED programmes link with organisations already working with underprivileged children and youth, to ensure the programmes are supported beyond our involvement.

Maximum Benefit

Our goal is to help our clients achieve the maximum BEE level possible, while upholding the spirit of the Codes. We help you identify the points that are most easily achievable for your company.

We pride ourselves on our ED programmes, which allow companies to tap into a major section of available points that are often difficult to access.

We also provide opportunities for your business to multiply points by aligning our entrepreneurial development programmes with businesses in your supply-chain.

Dresser International, has this to say about Infinity Learning:

We have engaged Chris and his team since 2008 and have been very impressed with the services we received. Not only have they assisted us to significantly improve our BEE score, but also, we are proud to be associated with the vision that Infinity Learning has.”

Stan Stevenson - Financial Controller - Dresser International

Infinity Learning has helped Dresser to increase their score from a level 8 to a level 5, which in turn represents an increase in the associated ‘recognition level’ from 10% to 80%.